Animal Control

Lost and Found Pets

Animal Control is here to assist our citizens with a variety of tasks in regards to the pet population within city limits.  Please check our Animal Control Facebook Page for information about lost or found pets.  Pursuant to the Animal Control Ordinance owners have 7 days to claim their pet.


Animal Control adheres to the Animal Control Ordinance as adopted by the Marion City Council.  This ordinance regulates how Animal Control conducts business including but not limited to Ownership Responsibilities, Rabies Prevention and Mitigation, Care and Control, Livestock, Penalties, Etc.


We make every effort to find homes for our adoptable animals.  Check our Animal Control Facebook Page for adoptable pets.  Complete the Adoption Form if interested in adoption.  We recommend that you review the Animal Control Ordinance for guidelines on ensuring proper care of any prospective pet adoptions or care of your current pet.

Marion Animal Control

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