Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and System


The City of Marion  Sewer Department, located at 1321South  Van Buren Street, is responsible for all aspects of the wastewater  collection system and wastewater  treatment, The Department  operates and maintains two wastewater treatment facilities, over one hundred twenty miles of sanitary sewer line, nineteen lift stations and one hundred fifty  private pump stations.

The Marion Wastewater Treatment  Plant continues to meet and exceed the standards set forth  by the State and Federal National Pollution  Discharge Elimination  System (NPDES} Permit as issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection  Agency (IEPA}, The treatment facility has continued to maintain a high removal rate on the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B,O.D},Suspended Solids (S,S,}, Ammonia Nitrogen Phosphorous and Fecal Coliform parameters.

The City of Marion  Sewer Department is currently in the process of implementing a plan to identify  and take necessary steps to correct major and minor sources of sewer inflow  and infiltration, These inflc;>w and infiltration issues cause an overload in the sewer system and can raise operational costs substantially,

The hours of operation for the Sewer Department are 7am- 8pm . Monday thru Friday and 7am-11am on weekends,  Contact the Department at 618-993-5363 during regular business hours, and after hours at 618-922-8309,

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For Emergencies  please call 618-922-8309

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