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The City of Marion Treasurer’s Office is committed to providing quality service to the citizens and to maintaining highest accountability of local, and state, and federal revenue collections.

The City Treasurer’s office is charged with the design of an effective cash management and investment program for the City and all of its agencies and acts as fiscal agent for the City of Marion. Among other activities, these duties include managing the investment policy for the city; arranging for banking services; forecasting all cash receipts and expenditures; investing funds not needed to meet current expenditures; working with external brokers and the banking community; and reporting all investment activities. The City Treasurer also serves on the Police and Fire pension boards and acts as custodian of the fund, which includes maintaining all records, accounting for the investment of funds and the reporting of funds revenue and expenditures. The City Treasurer also serves as the City’s budget officer. The City Treasurer’s office makes all disbursements including payroll for the City.   The Treasurer acts as the reconciliation agent for the city by working with the depository bank, city departments and external auditors.

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