There are 230,614 people within a 30 mile radius of Marion, 1.8 million people within a 90 mile radius 100
The City of Marion serves 95,000 people each day 95
More than 17,413 people live in Marion 90

Future Growth Reflected by History

“The city was practically bankrupt. We couldn’t pay $1.25 for a bundle of wood stakes on credit. Now, our credit is AA+.”

Long-time Marion Mayor Bob Butler

Standard & Poor's 2014 Rating Rationale

Key items reflected in the city’s rating were: logo_rs

– Strong management, supported by good planning practices
– Strong budgetary performance
– Adequate debt and contingent liability profile
– Very strong cash levels to cover both debt service and expenditures
– Debt amortization is very rapid
– The city follows a debt management policy that details guidelines for debt issuances

Approximately 50% of the city’s bonded debt will be paid off within 5 years.

Jeff Schuppel, Bridgeport Partners, LLC.