PURSUANT TO THE OPEN MEETINGS ACT, notice is hereby given of a Special Meeting of the Marion City Council which will be held in the Council Chambers, City Hall,1102 Tower Square, Marion, Illinois at
4:30P.M. Friday, March 29, 2019 for the following purpose:

1. Council discuss /approve purchase of 2019 Ford F-250% ton pick-up for Paint Department of the Street Department.
2. Council approve of Clerical Contract 05/01/2019-04/30/2022.

3. Council discuss/approve Senior Citizens Contract 05/01/2019-04/30/2022.

4. Council discuss/approve pay increase for Mike Abney, Utility Inspector.

5. Council discuss/approve exhaust system for addition to Fire Station, cost – $29,500.00 (X paid for by 2% Fund).