Asphalt Art Program

Art cannot change the world. But it can inspire and change people, who then change the world.

asphalt art


About this Initiative

In 2020, while the Marion Mural District was in its infancy, the City of Marion was already thinking horizontally.  “In what ways can we make beauty out of the mundane?” The target areas of this effort are crosswalks, intersections and other areas that we strive for calm traffic.

The Asphalt Art initiative is a non-budgeted item inspired by the Bloomburg Asphalt Art toolkit.  If you are interested in traffic calming asphalt art in your neighborhood, the City will support this effort in the following ways:

  • technical assistance
  • safety cones and traffic redirection during painting
  • stencils if available

The Process

Whether you are working in as a non profit organization, as an individual artist or as a neighborhood group, the process remains the same.  Each application must provide the following information:

  • Primary point of contact
  • concept/design sketches
  • location of artwork
  • approximate time needed to paint

Once approved, it is required to coordinate with the Streets Department schedule of road maintenance prior to painting.  Remember ALL STREETS ARE PUBLIC PROPERTY.  IT IS ILLEGAL TO PAINT ON STREETS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.

a picture of a crosswalk that is also piano keys
a bike rack that has vibrant mural-like paintings
Ready to Apply?

Fill out the online application to be one of the first to implement the Asphalt Art Initiative.

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