PURSUANT TO THE OPEN MEETINGS ACT, notice is hereby given of a Special  Meeting of the MARION  CITY COUNCIL which will be held in the Council  Chambers. City Hall. 1102 Tower Square,  Marion, Illinois at

4:00P.M. MONDAY MARCH  20. 2017 for the following  purpose:


1 )  Ordinance 3674 approving amending Ordinance 2008 by increasing t he Municipal  Retailer’s Occupation Tax by an additional  % (0.25%).

2)   Ordinance 3675 approving  amending Ordinance 2009  by increasing the Municipal  Service Occupation Tax an additional  % (0.25%).

3)   Approving the hiring of Lindsey Clark as Coordinator of Business Services at $15.00/hr. and Danielle Cornelius as Librarian  I at $11 .00/hr. MARION  CARNEGIE LIBRARY.

4)   Approve replacing damaged  Sewer  mains on Paradise  Alley from Tower Square  Plaza to Liberty Street, emergency situation. Funds available  through  Hub TIF for Sewer rehabilitation. Approximate cost $29,540.00.